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  • Foreign Military Contracts & DBA Coverage

    The eligibility of Defense Base Act coverage for U.S. Government contracts is not always intuitive, as there are some government contracts that are procured under unique circumstances. Foreign Military Financing (FMF) or Foreign Military Sales (FMS) fall into that category. Understanding the purpose of FMF/FMS military contracts FMF/FMS programs are designed to acquire military articles, […]

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  • Hostile Regions for U.S. Government Contract Work: an Infographic

    Hostile Regions that Affect DBA— When contractors bid for U.S. Government contracts in overseas locations, the localities to where employees are deployed can be rather volatile. These adverse environments can put employees at greater risks for their safety. U.S. Contractors should be aware of the potential implications when contracting for work to hostile countries. The […]

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  • Health Conditions Not Covered by DBA

    The insurance benefits afforded under a Defense Base Act Insurance policy provide comprehensive protection for workers who are employed to perform work overseas under a U.S. Government contract. In order for a claim to be compensable under DBA, it must be occupational in nature, meaning that an injury sustained or resulting in death must be […]

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  • Zone of Special Danger & Reasonable Recreational Doctrines

    When deployed overseas to war-torn or unstable locales around the world, living conditions for employees can be quite dangerous. They must be precautious, whether on or off base, working or not. Because of the volatile and remote locations in which many overseas U.S. Government contractors work, the Department of Labor chose to include two addendums […]

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  • DBA Insurance Application Checklist

    Defense Base Act (DBA) Insurance is a form of Workers’ Compensation Insurance required by the U.S. Department of Labor that is designed to provide benefits to employees working overseas to complete the contracted work. Contractors who have secured a contract with the U.S. Government to complete work overseas on military bases or other public works […]

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